Craig Rainey (1962 - ) is an American film actor, author, screenwriter, and musician. He was born in San Angelo, Texas and lives in Austin. His Texas roots hail back to the original Impresario settlers of Coahuila y Tejas under Stephen F. Austin. He is a military veteran, sales trainer and motivational speaker, and he cowboyed professionally in south Texas. His fiction novels include Massacre at Agua Caliente, Stolen Valor, a Carson Brand Novel, and Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel. His non-fiction sales training book, The Art of Professional Sales, Handbook for the Career Seller, was released October 2020. As a screenwriter, his scripts have won numerous awards at film festivals including: Best Narrative Period Piece, Most Likely to be Produced as a Movie, and was Official Selection for many more. Craig Rainey won Best Breakout Writer for the script Massacre at Agua Caliente.

Craig Rainey Sales Trainer

I am asked a lot how a published fiction author happened to write a sales training manual. The truth about being a writer is that it doesn't pay very well until you reach the pinacle of success. Acting is the same way. I made professional sales my profession long abo when I figured out that construction would not be a sustainable career path for me. I have always been the top seller in any organizatoin in whhich I worked. Many of those companies made me a field trainer and some even retained me to teach sales seminars to inprove the skills of their sales forces. There you have it. I write - I wrote a sales book. The reader reviews tell me that it is well received and many are finding benefit from the techniques within.

Why am I Caled a Renaissance Man?

My wife gave me the title years ago. I knid of stuck after that. A renaissance man is he who iws skilled in multiple arts diciplines. For me it is Film, Writing, and Music. He must also be well read and intellecturally leaning. I can only go with what I have been told on that point. Finally, he is well travelled and somewhat of a philanthopist.

Craig Rainey's Author Platform

I try to write more than 1,000 words every day. I believe that rather than just typing meanningless prose, I prefer to communicate with my readers. I thinnk many authors are inacessable to their readers. I see my readers as part of my extended family. Harsh reviewers are close friends only. With milliioons of books being published each year, I feel the personal effect of the sriter diminishes if he or she is not understood and known. I hope what I share is meaningful. I have two podcasts, two blof sites and five novels in print. I plan to release three more novels in 2023.