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Art of Professional Sales

I DECIDED TO WRITE A SALES TRAINING BOOK because I saw that the art of sales was disappearing from most business models. I am not referring to the pursuit of sales numbers. Every business owner and entrepreneur gives lip service to the importance of sales. To each of these leaders in industry, sales has become a statistical event only. Businesses nowadays seem to relegate their sales numbers to the same circumstance of chance they assign outside production activities to the weather.

Short Story: Bert's Tale of Booze

A short story by Craig Rainey.

Excerpted from the novel Stolen Valor, A Carson Brand Novel. Bert is Carson Brand's best friend. He is known for his telling of the following tale during Rennaisance Festivals.

A grey sky hovered low upon the wet roofs and bundled masses heaving along the streets of the village. Cloaks clung tightly around chilled shoulders. Peace tied swords weighed heavily, ankle bells tinkled with each step, and ponderous chain mail shifted and tinkled with their haste.

Self-Publishing in a World of Books

The unprecedented access to self-publishing has done more to distance the typical start-up writer from his or her dream of being a successful author than any barriers erected by traditional publishing house resources. If you have a dream of writing a single book, or launching your career as a prolific author, you will have decisions to make. Make no mistake, the publishing part of your writing career will overshadow the creation of artistic prose. I learned this the hard way.

Short Story: Fun as a Barrel of Monkeys

I wrote this short story many years ago. A year or two ago I picked up an old box containing old photos, knick knacks, and various items from my parent's house. They were moving and said they would toss it out if I didn't want it. Inside the box I found this short story, written when I was in my twenties. The pages were handwritten and water splotched. I thought the story lost to time and chaos. Here it is. If not anything else, perhaps the writing will give you some insight on why I took up writing as a career.

Reasonable Sin - the 3rd Book in the Carson Brand Series

The third novel in the Carson Brand Series has been delayed until January 2022 for publishing release. Picking up where the second book Dark Motive leaves off, Brand escapes a Mexican prison cell and returns to Texas only to find that he is targetted by a new foe.

My Dad Left Today

My mom and dad are both in the hospital with COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have done as much research as I have been able, so I could approach the virus with a realistic perspective. When I say I have researched it, I don’t mean I Googled it, or watched as many news stories as I could. One of my strengths as an author is research and I believe my understanding of this dread virus is better than most. I have posted my findings on Facebook and in my blogs, often to the consternation of the political ideologues who have chosen to make this medical crisis a political opportunity with no real understanding of where their blind ideological stance may lead.


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