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Craig Rainey – Author

Stolen Valor by Craig Rainey

Stolen Valor – a Carson Brand Novel

Stolen Valor is the first of an action adventure series.  This first novel in the series is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves early 2019.  Read an excerpt from the unfinished manuscript at the bottom of this page.

Massacre at Agua Caliente

Massacre at Agua Caliente by Craig Rainey

“Massacre at Agua Caliente by Craig Rainey is well-edited novel. The structure of the books with its clearly marked chapters and well-described scenes makes it an easy read. The writing is done adeptly and the characters are realistic and flawed. Every turn in the book is surprising and unexpected. For every reader who is fascinated by the adventures of an outlaw, Massacre at Agua Caliente is the book to read. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. - Historical Fiction Books.” 4 of 4 Stars


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The Story Behind the Book – Massacre at Agua Caliente

The idea for the story came about some 5 years ago when prolific film-maker Brett William Mauser sat with Craig Rainey as they discussed the film biz over a tasty beverage.

Craig asked why Brett had never cast him as the lead in any of his nearly 40 films.  Brett’s reply sent Craig on a journey which only now is finally complete.  He replied, “Casting you as the lead would make it impossible to cast a villain across from you who anyone would believe was a threat to you.  You are too big a character and too strong for anyone to fear for your safety from anyone I know to cast in the antagonist role.”

Craig laughed his disbelief at his destiny to be a role player as cop or bad guy for the rest of his career.  Brett offered a solution, albeit an unlikely one.

“Now if I could write a script where the bad guy is the hero, I could easily cast you.”

After that day, Craig made it his goal to write a film script which featured the villain as the hero.  From that long labored goal emerged Massacre at Agua Caliente.  Many called it a vanity project for good reason.  Craig Rainey intended to star in the film.

The script was greeted with several awards from numerous film/screen-writing festivals including:

  • Summer Slam Film Festival 2015 – Best Narrative Period Screenplay

  • Summer Slam Film Festival 2015 – Best Breakout Writer – Craig Rainey

  • Action on Film Festival 2015 – Honorable Mention

  • Paragon Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection

The future of the script looks bright as does the novel.  Support Craig Rainey in his writing career and get your copy of the book in e-book or paperback.

    Massacre at Agua Caliente by Craig Rainey

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