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Craig RaineyActor, Author, Musician

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Craig Rainey is an American film actor with more than 60 projects to his credit. He has portrayed many characters from cops, to cowboys, to gunfighters, to crime bosses.  His leading role in Portrait in Sepia Tone won him a nomination for ‘Best Male Lead in a Feature Film’ at the International Filmmakers Festival in England.

He is an award winning screen writer.

He was a touring session and stage drummer for a number of years.  His last band was James Robert Murray’s AntHill Society.  He won ‘Best Drummer’ in the Marble Falls Battle of the Bands Competition.

He was a music producer and ran the artist image development company, Tone Quarry Productions.  He was president of The Texas Music Coalition.

He has published his first full length novel – Massacre at Agua Caliente.  The book is available in both e-book and paperback versions.  Please visit the link below to purchase his new book.  His latest Novel, Stolen Valor – a Carson Brand Novel will be available early 2019

Based on the Award Winning Screenplay, Massacre at Agua Caliente the screenplay won numerous awards and honors at a number of film festivals and script writing contests.

Fiction Novels by Craig Rainey

Stolen Valor by Craig Rainey

Stolen Valor – Craig Rainey’s Latest Novel

Stolen Valor is the first of an action adventure series.  This first novel in the series is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves early 2019.  Follow the link to read an excerpt from the unfinished manuscript.

Massacre at Agua Caliente by Craig Rainey

Massacre at Agua Caliente

Craig Rainey’s first novel Massacre at Agua Caliente has been praised in a growing number of reviews:

“Massacre at Agua Caliente by Craig Rainey is well-edited novel. The structure of the books with its clearly marked chapters and well-described scenes makes it an easy read. The writing is done adeptly and the characters are realistic and flawed. Every turn in the book is surprising and unexpected. For every reader who is fascinated by the adventures of an outlaw, Massacre at Agua Caliente is the book to read. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. - Historical Fiction Books.”
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