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Craig Rainey ADR session for Green Ghost

Green Ghost - Craig Rainey ADR Session

San Antonio, TX - This past week, Craig Rainey got a call from Mutt Productions. They are in the final phases of post-production for one of their latest films, Green Ghost. Craig acted in one of the scenes and he was asked to record a bit of ADR (Audio Dubbed Recording) for the final cut. Green Ghost Poster with Craig Rainey as JimHis role is featured with lead actor, Charlie Clark. Between takes, Clark was heard to tell Craig that he was a huge fan. "You killed it as the Mayor in the Return of Johnnny V", he was heard to say. The movie also stars gritty Danny Trejo.

Craig arrived in studio and overlayed his necesssary lines in good time. In attendance were fellow actors Brian Douglas and Beau Smith. Producer, sound guru and good friend Brandon Olmos directed the session.

5 Festivals Select Craig Rainey Screenplay - Massacre at Agua Caliente (NOMINATED IN 4 WINNER IN 2)

Hollywood, CA - Paragon Film & Script Festival made Craig Rainey's first screenplay, Massacre at Agua Caliente an Official Selection for 2015. Dani The Ranch Hand Poster)

Paragon was the third of five festivals to select Massacre at Agua Caliente for competition. The others are Action on Film Film Festival in Monrovia, CA, Summer Slam Film Festival in Freeport, TX., Shore Scripts Screenplay Competition in Hollywood, Cal., Action of Film Festival in Pasadena, Cal., and Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg Tx.

Massacre at Agua Caliente was nominated in 4 categories: Best Period Piece and Most Likely to Be Produced at Action on Film. Best Narrative period Screenplay and Best Break-out Writer at Summer Slam. The screenplay won Berst Narrative Period Screenplay and Craig Rainey was awarded winner in Best Break-out Writer. The screenplay was given honorable mention at Action on Film.

Craig Rainey is currently putting together the story for his next script, Good Deeds in a Weary World. The tagline is: A travelling salesman/serial killer picks up a beautiful hitchhiker, but his feelings for her make him the victim instead.

See Craig's IMDB page.

Danny Glover to voice Bass Reeves: Craig Rainey western reworked

Hollywood, CA - In 2010, Craig Rainey played the lead villain, Bob Dozier, in the Brett William Mauser directed "Bass Reeves". The film acheived distribution while still in post-production and was renamed "All Hell to Pay". Since that time, the distributor has held the film. Brett was notified recently that a deal was struck with actor Danny Glover to add narration to the film. The addition of Danny Glover to the project bodes well for getting the movie major exposure. Actor - Danny Glover

Brett William Mauser is a prolific director with more than 30 feature films to his credit. Additionally, he has produced and directed countless commercials, industrials and artistic pieces. He is a skilled screen writer as well. He was one of the first film makers to cast Craig Rainey in a major movie role in his films. Craig has appeared in 17 of his films.

See Craig's IMDB page.

Massacre at Agua Caliente: Craig Rainey's first screenplay honored in AOF Festival

Craig Rainey's script Massacre at Agua Caliente is an Official Selection

Action on Film Festival Official Selection wins Honorable Mention

Monrovia, CA - Craig wrote his first screenplay over a span of 30 days. He explained that the story seemed to flow from him. He could scarcely type rapidly enough to keep up with the inspiration. After an unofficial review by a well known acquisitions director for a major movie studio in Hollywood, he acted upon his notes and recommendations and made some solid changes to the story.

Mutt Productions, a rapidly growing Austin-based film production studio with which Craig has worked on numerous films, was first to critique the screenplay. Mario Sanchez, Co-owner and Executive Producer, and Aaron Lee Lopez, Co-owner and award winning Director, encouraged Craig to move forward with promotion and production of the script. They were key in getting the script in the right hands for change recommendations.

The story is a western, set in late 1800's Texas and Mexico. The main character, Boyd Hutton, is a notorius outlaw on the run from Texas Rangers for his role in a bank robbery gone bad. He manages to escape into Mexico where he kidnaps the beautiful Juliana, daughter of a very powerful Mexican official. Hutton soon finds that Juliana is like none other he has ever met.

AOF is the second festival which has selected the script for competition, and the first to award it. The screenplay did not win the festival top award, but it was liked enough to receive a #1 rating on the Honorable Mention list. The first festival to select Massacre at Agua Caliente to their festival was the Summer Slam Film Festival in Freeport, Texas.

See Craig's IMDB page.


Green Ghost: Craig Rainey has Role in Danny Trejo Movie

Actor - Danny Glover

Austin, TX - Mutt Productions's current film, Green Ghost, just wrapped principle filming. This super hero tale includes several noteworthy actors. If you have been reading the news you know that Danny Trejo just signed on to be in the movie as the main villain. Directed by Michael Olmos, Edward James Olmos' son, the film is slated to premier in theaters some time this Summer.

Craig Rainey is in the opening scene and he plays a fun supporting role.

See the IMDB page.

The Benders: Craig Rainey not his Typical Bad Guy Role

Corpus Christi - Over the years we have become accustomed to Craig Rainey being the villain. Brett William Mauser, Writer/Director of the Craig's latest movie, "The Benders", made good on a promise he made Craig a few years ago. He found a way to keep the edge Craig is known for, but still show him in a surprisingly positive way.

The film is a Sci-Fi shoot-em-up thriller. We can't say too much about the movie for fear it will give too much away before you have a chance to see it. For you Craig Rainey fans, you will be pleased that Craig has garnered enough screen time to land second in the credits. The premiere is expected in August 2014.

The film is filled with action, romance and danger.

Craig Rainey in Benders

Craig Rainey as Miles.

Craig Rainey Plays "Cocaine Snorting Redneck" in Dani the Ranch Hand

San Antonio, TX - Craig Rainey reached film number 50 with his portrayal of Jim "Bull" Palmeyer in the dramatic film, Dani the Ranch Hand. In the film, written and directed by Dani The Ranch Hand Posternew film maker, Bryan Douglas, Craig Rainey plays the wanna-be love interest to the main character Dani (Pamela Hardy). Although the film did not receive the highest marks from film critics, Craig's performance was praised in a left handed compliment: "...and Craig Raney is dead on as a cocaine-snorting redneck asshole." (See entire article)

Dani the Ranch Hand is the second Mutt Productions project in which Craig Rainey has acted. The world premiere was held at the Josephine Theater in San Antonio on July 21st of this year. Although written and directed by Douglas, Aaron Lee Lopez, Brandon Keropian Olmos, and Amza Moglin, among many contributed their considerable talents to the film's overall quality.

Mahogany Sunrise Wins at Worldfest Film Festival

Houston, Texas: Mutt Productions' latest film, Mahogany Sunrise, won the Platinum Remi award in the category of Action-Adventure. (see the trailer)

Craig Rainey as Lester Freemont in Gang Money Run
Craig Rainey as Lester Freemont in Mahogany Sunrise

Craig Rainey in Gino's Wife: Mutt Productions Casts Craig Again.

San Antonio, Texas - Mutt Productions' latest film, Gino's Wife, is in post production. Starring the talented Sandra Nori in the lead, the cast includes Hollywood actor Pepe Serna (Gino) who is known for his role in the 80's blockbuster American Me. Jesse Borrego who appeared in many films, including ConAir with Nicholas Cage, also appears in the movie.

Craig Rainey appears in a 3 scene cameo you will enjoy.

The dramatic film is scheduled to be released early 2017.

Pepe Serna and Sandra Nori in Gino's Wife